Man, we are so excited about the start of your new journey.
A few Dos and Don'ts before you begin

  • Do use lotion and serum around the eyes
  • Do use SPF on bald head (Sun damage on your head looks terrible)
  • Reapply SPF if in sun for hours
  • Shake bottle and pump harder to dispense silver SPF lotion daily
  • Don't get serum or lotion into your eyes
  • Don't do serum right after shaving (unless you like the feel of a little sting)
  • Don't use benzoyl peroxide or retinol with manface
  • Don't throw away the silver and black dispenser pumps (you will be sent free new silver and black dispensers every 3 months)

Remember, like exercise, results may take time but do accumulate with time.

Watch this quick video on how to get the most out of your ManFace lotion and serum.


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