Five Reasons Why Men Love ManFace

Here's why everyone from doctors to celebrities trust ManFace for their skincare needs


Skincare doesn't need to be so complicated.
And it shouldn't stop men from benefitting from it.

Skincare is more than just using a moisturizer. Skincare is about having a great, even complexion with a soft touch. No acne or acne scarring. Smooth bright skin with no under eye circles. But skincare is complicated. There's a product for every ingredient, and many simply don't work.

With a team of doctors, we've spent years isolating only the ingredients that clinically work. And we've put them into a two product set that doesn't require multiple steps.


Ditch the muti-step routine.
Keep only the ingredients that work.

Adding a new routine is hard. At ManFace, we've cut out the complicated routine with a two product set: an SPF moisturizer to apply in the morning and a slow-acting serum to apply before bed.

Research has shown that over 80% of your skin aging is due to sun damage. So we've ensured that your morning product has a broad spectrum, water proof zinc oxide that provides SPF 44 protection without the greasiness. Moisturizer, provided through Hyaluronic Acid. And peptides for anti-aging benefits.

Our night time product is a slow-acting serum that uses Salicylic Acid to exfoliate and prevent acne and black heads. Through anti-oxidants and other ingredients, our serum prevents hair bumps while stimulating collagen production to reduce wrinkles.


See real results in as early as a week.

At ManFace, we don't use charcoal, berries picked from the Himalayas, or any other non-science backed ingredient that rides on the newest beauty trends. We boast 24 active ingredients that work synergistically in 2 formulations with over 30% potency in each.

And the proof is in our 6 week clinical trial:

  • 90% of users reported improvements with wrinkles, acne, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation.
  • 94% reported a healthier looking skin.


We've sent ManFace to doctors and celebrities. Read what they have to say.

The true test for us was to see if both doctors and celebrities would like our product. People who know the science behind the formulations. And people who rely on and have tried many different skincare products. They all loved it.

"Everything I need in skincare is in these two bottles. Can't say enough about it!"
- Dr. Rivkin, Aesthetic expert at Westside Aesthetics and Professor at UCLA.
"I would recommend ManFace to any of you guys out there. Especially those of us who want to put out your freshest face"
- Dr. Kian, Founder of Rejuva Medical Aesthetics and Los Angeles Kings Plastic Surgeon for 9 seasons.
"The product is lovely, super light!"
- Tan France, Queer Eye and Next in Fashion.
"I literally have some of the best skin I've ever had!"
- Jae Fusz, Dancer/Choreographer for Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus.


An effectively simple product. Air-sealed to maintain potency.

Did you know that when you open that skincare container or jar, most active ingredients within it in will oxidize and lose potency within a week? At ManFace, we didn't only want to create a simple, effective product. We wanted to create a product that stayed effective. With our air-tight bottle design, we guarantee our morning and night time products will stay effective for much longer than the two months you will use it for.

We believe you will love your results, or your money back guaranteed.

Ditch the complicated routine, but keep the results

Get amazing skin with only the ingredients that clinically work, risk-free