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Why Men Love ManFace

Here's why everyone from Doctors to Celebrities trust ManFace for their skincare needs

1. You have an Instant to Make an Impression

In our Insta/Tinder/ Facebook world you have a moment to Impress.

In fact, 150 milliseconds. That’s all you get to make an impression.

Your face makes an impression and tells the world who you are as a man.

A span of time that’s shorter than it takes your eyes to move may be all you have to determine whether the partner of your dreams swipes right or left.

2. Our Doctors Researched So You Don't Have To

We know you don’t care what a T Zone is and, you’re too smart to believe that the new trendy miracle berry of the moment is the fountain of youth.

You want to look good but you have no interest in trying to find out what works and what does not. And there is no way you are going to stick to a routine that's 4-5 steps a day.

As men and facial plastic surgeons, our doctors were not interested in another beauty brand that sells walls of product. They researched every ingredient available for over 3 years to find out what ingredients effect real results and at what concentrations.

After years of research, ManFace was formulated for men with one mission in mind: allow men to look their best and be confident as simply and efficiently as possible.

3. Potent, Active Ingredients in an Easy to Use 2 Step Program

ManFace is the most potent, most efficient, non-prescription, complete face program in the world. No BS toners, eye creams, or superfluous extras. No upsell, no hook.

Simply 24 potent, active, researched ingredients that achieved over 90% satisfaction in clinical trial.

In the morning a broad spectrum, water proof SPF 44 Anti- Aging lotion to protect, nourish, and restore.

At night, our PM Anti- Acne, Anti-Aging Serum helps undo the damage done, makes you look younger and treats unwanted skin conditions. Acne. Razor bumps. Discoloration. Sun damage.

Within a week you will find noticeably softer, smoother, healthier skin. Guaranteed!

4 Everything You Need, And Nothing You Don't in the Smartest Skincare Program for Men- Guaranteed

You want a healthy, great looking face with minimum hassle. We get that.

And now so will you.

ManFace is two brilliant products, one simple routine.

In 30 seconds a day you will have the best skin of your life.

We eliminated needless choices, removed the need for you to try to learn about skin care ingredients or routines, and we deliver the product to your home.

Try us for two weeks, and if you don't see changes you like cancel with a full money back guarantee!

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