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Left Behind: Skincare — Not just for women.

Left Behind: Skincare — Not just for women.

How much time do you spend thinking about your skin? Unless you have a massive pimple working its way to the surface right before that big job interview, probably not much. Your skin is just something you don’t spend much time on. But it should be...

If you’re like many men, your skincare routine consists of washing your face and maybe applying a moisturizer once a day. Now look at your girlfriend or sister, or pretty much any female. If she’s like most women, she has half a dozen creams, balms and potions she uses at different times of day.

Now compare your skin to hers. Hers is soft and radiant. You look like you just finished up a long Arctic expedition. It’s not a coincidence. Women have known the importance of protecting their skin for a long time. Men are only now starting to realize it.

It starts with sunscreen. Everyone knows that ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun causes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and yes, skin cancer. If you’re black or otherwise have skin of color, you’re a little more protected, but have another problem to worry about — hyperpigmentation (spots of excessive pigmentation). Luckily, sunscreen addresses this as well.

But taking care of your skin requires more than just sun protection. You need something that will moisturize and revitalize your skin too. ManFace provides your face with core peptides, antioxidants and nutrients to help you look vibrant, youthful and healthy.

You may not think about your skin much, but having good, healthy skin will give you a confidence you didn’t know you were missing. Let this be your wakeup call. You only get one skin — keep yours looking great. Start caring for your face now.

Your face tells your story.

Your face tells your story.

It’s the first thing anyone notices about you — your face. It makes an impression and tells the world who you are as a man.

A glance tells the world about your roots, your culture, your values. It shows your health and speaks to how hard your life has been. It’s a physical manifestation of your personality.

It tells your story.

Make sure it’s the story you want to be told.

ManFace is dedicated to the care and love of all that your face entails. It is the story of you and me, and all of us.

Women have been taking care of their faces with skincare and makeup for ages, with the understanding that first impressions matter. That when you look good you’re more confident. That when you are confident everything is easier.

ManFace believes it’s time for men to understand this as well.

ManFace gives you the confidence to face anything the world throws at you. Because your face and skin are your humanity.

Putting your best face forward on dating apps.

Putting your best face forward on dating apps.

Fifty microseconds. About 1/2000th of the time it takes to blink. That’s all you get to make an impression. To determine whether the partner of your dreams swipes right or left. Do you really want to miss out on your one true love because you looked less than your best?

Every man wants to look and feel great. That’s why you work out and watch your diet. It’s why you care about your wardrobe and spend a little extra on a quality haircut. You want to look good, so when that dating opportunity comes around you don’t miss it.

But what about your skin? The body of an Adonis and the nicest Savile Row suit can’t compensate for a face that looks like it has spent the last 20 years doubling as a hobo’s carryall.

ManFace makes it easy to keep your skin looking its best. It’s not some trendy new miracle berry masquerading as the fountain of youth. It’s not a complicated ritual involving wing of bat and eye of newt and a ceremony performed in the light of a dying moon.

What it is is 24 potent ingredients in two surgically precise solutions designed to protect and rejuvenate your skin, so you can have confidence that you’re always looking your best.

At ManFace, we know you don’t care what a T-zone is. And you’re too smart to believe that the new trendy miracle berry of the moment is the fountain of youth. You know sun protection is important. And you don’t want to look wrinkly, old, or spotted with blemishes or hair bumps of any kind.

That’s where we can help. ManFace gives you a great product designed to help you make that amazing first impression. That way you won’t miss out on the partner of your dreams.